About Bella R.

Bella Redl has an eclectic vision when it comes to design, be it for jewellery or fashion in general. Her passion was noticeable from an early age, when she started designing her dolls' dresses at the age of six, and thence to re-styling her mother's outfits. The romantic, stunning background of Romania, where she hails from, was a strong force in developing her sense of individuality. Growing up in a land made famous by its gypsy culture, which is known for its sense of passion and vibrancy, gave her latent talent a creative direction. The gypsies, with their aura of magic and mystery, the colorful pleated skirts and coin necklaces of the women, have always fascinated her. After completing her Bachelor's degree in Fine Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Bucharest, Bella moved to Tokyo, Japan, in 1994, where she worked as a freelance costume designer. In 1995, she opened a small jewellery store there and simultaneously, started the production of her own jewellery line from Thailand and South America. Subsequently, she also moved the shop to an A-grade location, in Tokyo's Harajuku district.In 1998, Bella and her husband Robert established a jewellery manufacturing factory in Bangkok, Thailand, known as Body Steel and Silver, which focussed on quality body jewellery for piercings, with chic designs. Bella is the sole in-house designer for the company, which now has quite a few distinct brands in its portfolio. Bella then went to study design for a year at the Instituto Di Moda Burgo, Milan, Italy, in order to better tone her natural sense of fashion and design. She came back full of ideas, having closely observed the modern woman in happening fashion capitals such as Milan and Bangkok. In 2001, she started an exclusive line for women in unique crystal body jewelry, known as the Bella R Collection. In 2003, she created free-setting jewellery with Swarovski crystals, which eventually led to the launch of the Crystal Evolution brand of sterling silver and superior grade Swarovski crystals, in 2004. From 2006 on, she was invited by Swarovski to submit couture pieces for their Crystallized Cosmos Project. Bella finds a stimulus, a challenge, in everything; her muse is life itself. This Asian experience brought her fetish for skull motifs to its creative fore. Metro life stimulates her; she observes the woman of today in different milieus and notes what their individual style expressions are. Her strong personality and outstanding sense of style shine through the glittering jewellery pieces as bright as the crystals she uses.

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